Following are some of the "Kee Bird" crew member's personal recollections about the last flight aboard the aircraft, and what they endured.

The Last Flight of the "Kee Bird"
By Russell S. Jordan, (Kee Bird Copilot).

A totally awesome recount of the last flight of the Kee Bird. Obviously written up by a Man that was at the "helm" of the aircraft.
Alaskan Misadventure
By Ernest C. Stewart, (Kee Bird Photo-gunner).

"This is a personal narrative of my adventures while stationed in Alaska from September 1946 to March 1948." Within this document is an excellent write-up on the Kee Bird incident.
Lucky Strikes
As told by Robert L. Luedke, (Kee Bird Flight Engineer).

This is an excerpt from a story told by Robert "Lucky" Luedke, Flight Engineer originally published by Westword Mar 19, 1998. To see the full story, check out our Related Links section.
A Letter To Mom
A letter written by Howard R. Adams (Kee Bird Radar Observer) to his Mother.

Transcript of a newspaper article that featured a letter that Howard Adams wrote to his Mother shortly after the crew's rescue. The letter was published in a Buffalo, NY newspaper sometime in March 1947.
A Letter to Harvey Poff
A letter written by Robert Leader (Kee Bird Radio Operator) in 1993.

Transcript of a letter that Robert Leader wrote to Harvey L. Poff in 1993. Harvey L. Poff was the Radio Operator on the first aircraft that attempted to locate the lost "Kee Bird" crew.

Following is a great compilation about the Kee Bird's last flight that was written by a non-crew member. Although he was not aboard the Kee Bird on it's last flight, he's been in close contact with the Kee Bird crew members - those that have passed, and those that survive.

The Last Flight of the Kee Bird
By Ken White, Author of World In Peril.

Ken White is undoubtedly the subject matter expert when it comes to the 46th Recon Squadron, and the Kee Bird's last flight. Ken's Father (Maynard E. White) was the founding Commander of the 46th Recon Squadron. This is a superb account about the Kee Bird's last flight. His book World In Peril contains much, much more information on the Kee Bird, and what the 46th/72nd Recon was all about.
To purchase his book please visit our Related Links page.

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