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World In Peril
Author: Ken White
The Origin, Mission & Scientific Findings of the 46th/72nd Reconnaissance Squadron.
World in Peril is the nonfiction story of the first operational unit in the Strategic Air Command, the 46th Reconnaissance Squadron, assigned SAC's first operational mission, "Project Nanook," - to assess the Soviet threat in the Arctic at the beginning of the Cold War.  There is an excellant section on the "Kee Bird" and the rescue of the crew.  The Author's Father is Maynard E. White, who was the founding Commander of the 46th/72nd Recon Squadron from June 1946 - August 1948. This is a must read!
Hunting Warbirds
Author: Carl Hoffman
The Obsessive Quest for the Lost Aircraft of World War II.
Hoffman takes us questing for rare WWII aircraft with warbird hunter Gary Larkins and air racer Darryl Greenamyer. They partnered in repairing the Kee Bird and planned on flying it off the Greenland icecap, where it crash-landed in 1947. Greenamyer's crew actually had the Kee Bird executing a takeoff run 50 years after it crash landed. This is a must read!
Spy Flights of the Cold War
Author: Paul Lashmar
New evidence, both documentary and interview, from the former Soviet Union reveals the full extent of political tension created by the spy plane war.
This book mentions the 46th/72nd Recon and has quite a bit on General Curtis LeMay.
Navigation North of Seventy
Author: 1st LT David J Haney
Out Of Print.
From the book: 1st LT David J. Haney was one of the most qualified authorities on Polar navigation. He had over 10,000 flown in the Arctic and Polar regions by the 72nd Recon squadron (VLR) Photographic. It was his desire that the Polar navigation of the future use this history as an orientation, and a basis from which he can immediately develop his own refinements and techniques without having to experience situations that have already been met.
The Secret Explorers
Author: Fred Wack
Out Of Print.
There were only 500 copies of this book made. (Sadly enough). This is a great read. Full of great photographs. There is currently an effort underway to bring this book back. The author, Fred Wack served in the 72nd Recon from 1948 until 1951. He was a Radar Navigator on RB-29's & B-36's.
Television Documentaries
B29 Frozen In Time

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Excellant documentary of the attempt to repair the Kee Bird almost 50 years after it crash landed - and fly it home.
The Kee Bird was abandoned, lost but not forgotten. A small group of dedicated aircraft lovers took on the daunting task of replacing the aircraft engines, propellers and repairing other damage caused in the crash landing and by nearly fifty years of severe arctic weather.
Web Sites featuring the "Kee Bird" and The 46th/72nd
Paul A. Siple - Landings were made on TARGET-X
During these years of the late 1940's, studies were made by the reconnaissance squadron encompassing survival rations and equipment, navigational aids, weather reporting and national defense possibilities. The finding of TARGET-X (re-designated T-1)
Other Related Web Sites
29th Bomb Group Association This is the Official Website of the 29th Bomb Group. The 29th Bomb Group was activated on February 1, 1940 at Langley Field, Virginia. It was comprised of the 6th, 43rd, 52nd, and 411th bomb squadrons. The 411th inactivated on May 20th 1944. On April 1, 1944, the 29th Bomb Group (H) was redesignated as the 29th Bomb Group (VH).
Commemorative Air Force The CAF's objective is to preserve, in flying condition, a complete collection of combat aircraft which were flown by all military services of the United States in World War II. They perpetuate in the memory and hearts of all Americans the spirit in which these great planes were flown for the defense of our nation.
B-29 Links Really nice site featuring more links to B-29 related web sites than I've ever seen. This takes you directly to their Links section, but you really need to look around once you're in. Loaded with B-29 info.
Their link to the web site is incorrectly directing to our "old" name-
Requiem For An Aircraft - Farewell to a Pilot Great site featuring B-29's and accolades to their pilots. Some good photo images. Well written.
Warbird Alley Great site featuring B-29's and all other WWII vintage aircraft. This link takes you directly the the B-29 section, but you can go from there.

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